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A Little Bit About Me

From humble beginnings nearly 15 years ago, what began as a side-line hobby of photographing friends and family has flourished into a fulfilling business and personal dream. It wasn't until later in my career as a skilled photographer, I developed a deeper mission and appreciation to capture the delicate and fleeting moments of newborn babies. The art of newborn photography has not only redefined my accomplished techniques and skills, but I have also had the incredible privilege of studying under top-rated newborn photography mentors in the region by industry standards. It’s been quite an incredible journey. I am lucky to be able to combine my passion and photography skills with my love for newborn babies.  
As a mom, we all tend to get lost in the essence of newborn bliss. Somehow, we cannot comprehend how we could ever forget the most precious moments during our baby's first few days of life. But let’s be honest, sleep deprivation and time have a way of fooling our thoughts, but never our hearts. Time doesn't stand still, and soon the newborn you once swaddled with blankets will be walking through the front door of Kindergarten. Indeed, the old cliché is accurate, a picture is worth a thousand words, and newborn portraits capture the inherent value of your baby’s first days of life. For me, as a mom and photographer, the ability to pause time for a moment, to preserve a memory, and to honor the present as a gift for future generations, makes my love for newborn photography all that much more significant.

~ Kathy

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